Saturday, July 20, 2013

Out on the street, but not on the road

The house sold two weeks ago and we are kicking back in the King William historic district, a temporary aprtment in an old carriage house.  Despite occasional and brief bouts of missing our wonderful house, we find ourselves saying things like "We'll never live in the 'burbs again!" and "Why didn't we move here sooner?!"  But the day to hit the road approaches.  We have about two more weeks here to get our affairs in order and then we're off for the open road with a load of furniture for a daughter in New England. 

We don't really want to spend summertime in south Florida.  It is beyond miserably hot and bug swarms turning the air black. But prices are low to get there and live there.  And we would be on the boat in case of threats from hurricanes.

Looking ahead, we haven't really made up our minds when to leave New England, just kind of waiting to see how it works.  I think that's just us practicing the attitude that the most dangerous thing on a boat is the calendar...    

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Paying the Piper

We are about 80% through the process of dismantling our home of 20 years. We have dreamed and worked for 10 of those years to go cruising and it's now around the corner. But right now the self-inflicted trauma of wiping out our home is pretty bad.

It is said that the price of loss is grief. That really bit down hard as we watched our dining table drive away. We all gathered there, us, grandpa, and our 4 kids, for more than a decade of family bonding and growing. Grandpa has passed and the kids are off living their lives, but that simple elegant table was the heart of our home and watching it disappear was heart-rending.

Sure, we could keep our table and our house, but not that and go cruising. When friends are joyfully amazed at our acting on the plans, saying "you're going to live The Dream!", we know the real cost of that dream and don't pay it lightly. We would never burst their bubble by explaining, but we feel it. And we now truly know that the really valuable things in life are never without high cost, in coin or another.

So we forge ahead. This week has been "a bad beat to windward" and we have seriously questioned our choices. But to not go, to back away from the adventure, when the family is already moved on to a new age and stage, would be to let that cost lose us our dream.

Stay tuned as we bump our way up to our daughters' homes with loads of house goods and then finally to Cerca Trova for good and all to cruise ...