Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Such sweet sorrows

Simply put, we are pursuing a nomadic life. Which comes with great adventure and romance, and some real trepidation. And many partings.
After several months of refitting work on Cerca Trova, we are rapidly coming up on launching ourselves from Fort Myers for possibly two years of cruising. During the refitting we have toured Europe, spent significant time with friends and family, lived on the dock and gotten to know Fort Myers as a second home. There are also all those things we haven’t gotten to do here, and now may not ever get to. Add to that many new friends who live here and have shared their lives with us. We are going to sever ourselves from all of that and head for remote parts of the western Caribbean. Are we nuts?

No, the excitement and exploration call to us. So does the warm weather. But it means parting from the people important to us and from all the resources first-worlders take for granted as if they were air: unlimited supplies of water, electricity, fuel, internet, garbage services, sewers. Think of going “off the grid” as living as if you were in a power-failure status all the time and you will get some idea.
But now we are done. Just a few last partings, a very few last goodies to take along, and we are away. It feels like standing at the top of a five-month ski jump.