Monday, June 9, 2014

And the sea grants to each man new hope

    And the sea will grant each man new hope,
    as sleep brings dreams of home.

This poetic quote was attributed to Columbus in The Hunt for Red October (but was actually created for the film see ). Regardless of where it came from, it's incredibly evocative of the mind-set of those of us who go forth upon the sea.  One has to wonder if the screenwriter who penned it was a sailor. 

We have learned a lot in our last year, went through some rough times, but the hope that is always on the horizon still calls us back to sea.  And now back home from our travels, yes, we did dream of home while away.  Ironically, it's not very nice here right now.  It's pushing 90 oF here in south Florida in June, not especially high on the scale but it is a special kind of heat that only Florida can produce.  And I have lived in a lot of hot places, like south Texas and Arizona.  Air conditioning is running 24/7.  How could we ever have considered A/C non-essential?  All those accumulated exterior boat repairs are a special treat.  And a big high-pressure is sitting right on top of us so there is no breeze, ie nothing breaks the heat and it's not worth trying to go out sailing locally.  When I figure out how to photograph heat, I'll include it.  We are catching up on all those movies we missed.

It feels like we are killing time again until we can go back to sea.