Sunday, September 11, 2016

Summer Break and Lists

It's been a busy summer. After tucking into Stuart, FL for some needed repairs, we have been traveling junkies. Two graduations, a wedding, trips to see family in SLC and Mass have been wonderful, but we are ready.
The temps are starting to fall, the swamp maples tinged with red, and we are busy with our lists. There's the spares list, the provisioning list, the ETOH provisioning list ( it gets its own list!), the general supplies list, the Amazon list, the Defender list and of course,....the Repairs list. Thankfully, we managed to complete most of our repairs in June and July, but there are a few remaining ones we still need to knock out.
We head back in early October for Stuart, then up to Ft Pierce to finish up our repairs and provisioning, then we are off. It's time.